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First thing I will say is read the instructions and watch the video, they are pertinent to proper application. It may take some practice to get the results you want. Secondly, ensure you clean the airbrush as directed or it will clog. Now for the good stuff…I have brown spots, red spots, scars just all over uneven skin ( also very oily t-zone). I am so pleased with the coverage of these imperfections. It did take a few passes, but I figured as much. Once dried, there is no rub off and the longevity is outstanding.. I have definitely put it through the “sweat test” First use, my friends asked if I had a procedure, they said My skin was radiant and I looked years younger! I tried a cheaper version that was very disappointing (I have a review on that one). It immediately clogged up, the makeup flew out the top and was sticky on my face and never felt dry.

The machine seemed cheaper not made of the same materials perhaps and maybe the makeup itself just isn’t up to par I was pretty intimidated at the thought of trying to learn how to use this; especially because I hardly ever wear make-up. I am “decent” at doing my own make up but I literally do the same thing every time I wear it, which is maybe once or twice a week. Not daily. I typically use a cream foundation because I have acne scarring and prefer a medium coverage. I watched several videos online, trying to muster up my courage. The DVD that it comes with is great! There is a Luminess air app that has a lot of tutorial videos in it as well. I didn’t watch the entire DVD or all the tutorials just a handful. The other night I had some free time after the kids went to bed and thought this is now or never. It is ridiculously easy. I felt silly for being so nervous.

I have never airbrushed anything before and I honestly was pretty pleased with my first attempt. Just go slow and go light. The color matching was simple. I was surprised with how quick I was able to put it on. The blush was a little trickier and I botched it so that will need some more practice, but I LOVED the foundation results. It is not heavy on your skin, it doesn’t rub off on clothes, no overspray on my hairline or shirt or all over bathroom. Basically everything I had worried about was ridiculous. It was very easy to go over my trouble spots with another layer for some more coverage. I felt it gave me a very natural, silky complexion look.

You do need to take the time to clean it after each use, but cleaning it is quick. And to be honest, this process seems more hygienic than brushes that I never cleaned often enough anyway. This kit does not come with an empty bottle to put water in for cleaning that I saw in some of the Youtube videos.

Other points: The cords are not too short and not too long, you don’t have to drag this all over. I haven’t tried the moisturizer yet, I can still get breakouts and be acne prone so I was nervous to try it. If I do end up using it I will update the review. I can definitely see myself improving each time I use it and sure that I can get even better results and be able to do more techniques with it given enough time. I do end up needing to use more drops than they used in the videos.

Overall: VERY pleased with this product. So glad I got past my nervousness and went for it! BREEZE is your must have beauty tool combining the best touchless application of makeup with the powerful benefits of skincare – all applied with air.

Use the BREEZE to apply foundation alone, supercharge your foundation by adding a few drops of our targeted skincare serums or use skincare alone as an effective way to complete your beauty routine. The possibilities are endless with the NEW LUMINESS BREEZE. Luminess Air Basic Airbrush Makeup Kit and 9-Piece Silk 4-In-1 Airbrush Foundation Starter System, Warm Coverage – Quick, Easy and Long Lasting Application – Includes Primer, Blush and Glow.